Changes in Ukraine are possible if young people are involved in these processes today

04.05.2018 | 20:54

   On May 4, 2018, the Ukrainian Youth Leadership Forum organized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine together with the Ukrainian Leadership Academy and with the support of the Lviv Regional State Administration was launched at the Lviv Arena. The All-Ukrainian Youth Forum of Responsible Leadership brought together 350 people from all over Ukraine, among which active participants were students and lecturers of the specialty “Public management and Administration”.
Young people understand that Ukraine needs leaders who can inspire others. Leaders who are involved in a constructive conflict and who can demonstrate results through collaboration and who can adapt to continuous changes that, due to their experience, learn something new. Studying in the field of Public management and Administration contributes to the understanding of students, however, that there are many problems in the world that require immediate resolution. The state and leaders play a significant role in the social and economic well-being of citizens.
The All-Ukrainian Youth Forum of Responsible Leaders has opened Oleg Mykhailovych Syniutka, the Head of the Regional State Administration, and the State Secretary of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine Nemchinov Oleg Mykolaiovych. The forum will last for three days. The first day is devoted to panel discussions on responsible leadership. Among the speakers who talked about the responsibility of themselves, family, community and country, Vitaliy Shabunin “Center for the Fighting against Corruption”, co-founder of the Confectionery Factory “Yarich” Oleg Klimchuk, founder of the leadership academy in Israel, former Deputy Education Minister of Israel ErezEshel and many others. During the forum, participants from different cities will be better able to get acquainted with each other, to practice and develop communication skills, ability to justify their position, team interaction skills.