Anna Starukh

Position: Associate Professor, Department of Digital Economics and Business Analytics

Scientific degree: Candidate of Economic Sciences

Academic status: Associate Professor

Phone (office): (032) 235-64-50


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Research interests

Areas of research: information technology and systems, economic and mathematical modeling of economic processes and phenomena, forecasting, entrepreneurship, expert systems, competitive monitoring of business by means of Internet marketing.

The results of scientific research have been approbated at international and national scientific and practical conferences.

More than 30 scientific, scientific and methodical works both individually and in co-authorship have been published. In particular, the textbook:

Shevchuk I.B., Starukh A.I., Vaskiv O.M. etc. (2020) Informatsiynitekhnolohiyi v biznesi. Chastyna 1: Navchalnyiposibnyk [Information technology in business. Part 1: Textbook.]. Lviv, NNVK ATB Publishing House [in Ukrainian]

Author of collective monographs:

Starukh. A. The use of modern expert systems in the economic environment of the country. Innovative scientific researches: European development trends and regional aspect. Monograph – 2nd ed. – Riga, Latvia : “Baltija Publishing”, 2020. 262-283 (DOI:

Shevchuk I.B., Starukh A.I., Vaskiv O.M. (2019) Business risk management technologies and expert methods of their evaluation // Prognostication and planning of economic development: microeconomic and macroeconomic levels. – Multi-authored monograph. – Vol. 2. – Lithuania: Publishing House “Baltija Publishing”, 2019. – 408 p.  – рр. 802-817.




  1. Competitiveness of the national economy: fiscal levers and incentives: collection. monograph. Sytnyk NS, Stasyshyn AV, Vatamanyuk-Zelinska UZ etc. / Ed. d.e.n. Sitnik NS , – L .: Publishing House “Apriori”, 2017. – 352 p.
  2. Shevchuk IB, Vaskiv OM, Starukh AI Research of business risk management technologies and expert methods of their assessment. // Prognostication and planning of economic development: microeconomic and macroeconomic levels. – Multi-authored monograph. – Vol. 2. – Lithuania: Publishing House “Baltija Publishing”, 2019. – 408 p. – pp. 802-817 .
  3. Starukh. A. THE USE OF MODERN EXPERT SYSTEMS IN THE ECONOMIC ENVIRONMENT OF THE COUNTRY. Innovative scientific researches: European development trends and regional aspect. Monograph – 2nd ed. – Riga, Latvia: “Baltija Publishing”, 2020. 262-283 (DOI:

Articles and publications of scientific conferences:

  1. Starukh, AI (2018). Problems of formation of gold and foreign exchange reserves in Ukraine.  Anti-crisis management: state, region, enterprise, Proceedings of the II International Scientific Conference, Le Mans, France.
  2. Starukh, AI (2018). The role of the central bank in regulating the foreign exchange market. Scientific journal   Bulletin of Odessa National University. Economics ” Volume 23 Issue 5 (70).
  3. Starukh, AI (2013). Problems of intergovernmental policy and directions of its reform. Bulletin of the Lviv State Financial Academy, 24, 82-88.
  4. Starukh, AI (2014). Factors influencing entrepreneurship in the public sector of the economy . Socio-economic problems of the modern period of Ukraine, 6 (110 ), 326-235.
  5. Starukh, AI & Garasim, P.M. (2014). Budgets-donors of the state budget. Scientific Bulletin of Kherson State University, 9 (Part 6), 175-178 .
  6. Starukh, AI (2014). The mechanism of functioning of inter-budgetary relations in Ukraine . Economy and State, 4, 108-113.
  7. Starukh, AI (2016). The essence of the concept of “business development in the public sector of the economy.” Scientific journal “Intellect XXI “, 6, 143-152.
  8. Starukh, AI (2016). The mechanism of transformation of inter-budgetary relations taking into account the priorities of business development in the public sector of the economy of Ukraine. Black Sea Economic Studies, 12, 82-90.
  9. Starukh, AI (2013). The current state of development of intergovernmental relations in Ukraine. Research and Production Journal “Innovative Economics”, 11 (49), 33-39 (International Representation and Indexing of the Journal: Index copernicus).
  10. Starukh, AI (2015). Construction of a multifactor model of dependence of volumes of budgetary offenses. Financial Space, 2 (18), 227-232. International representation and indexing of the journal: EBSCO Publishing (USA), Open Academic Journal Index (OAJI) CiteFactor (USA) .
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  12. Starukh, A. (2014). World Experience of Innter-Budget relation. TNE ADVANCED SCIENCE JOURNAL, 1, 42-44. (International Representation and Indexing of the Journal: IndexCopernicus , Ulrich ’s Global Serials Directory
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  21. Starukh, AI (2015) Analysis of budget violations in Ukraine. Problems of financial and economic development of entrepreneurial activity and national economy, Coll. thesis international. scientific-practical conf. for students, graduate students and young scientists. Kyiv: Analytical Center “New Economy”, 80-84.
  22. Starukh, AI (2015). World experience in the field of financial control of the state. Prospects for stable economic development and economic security of Ukraine and its regions, Mater. international scientific-practical conf. Uzhhorod: Helvetica Publishing House, Part 3, 73-76
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  28. Starukh AI Analysis of the main indicators of the state budget of Ukraine. Current state and prospects of economic development, accounting, management, finance and law: a collection of abstracts of the international scientific-practical conference (Poltava, January 26, 2019): at 7 o’clock – Poltava: CFEND, 2019. – Part 2. – Pp. 51-53
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  32. Starukh AI Expert systems as an element of artificial intelligence. Reporting conference of LNU of Ivan Franko.
  33. Starukh AI The use of expert systems in the management of economic business processes. IV International Scientific-Practical Conference Integration of Business Structures: Strategies and Technologies: Conference Proceedings, February 21th, 2020. Tbilisi, Georgia: Baltic Publishing. R. 103-107
  34. Starukh AI Application of expert systems in the business environment.
    “Scientific Bulletin of the International Humanities University. Series : “Economics and Management”. №41 / 2020. С.114-121
  35. Information technology in business. Part 1: Teaching. way. / [Shevchuk IB, Starukh AI, Vaskov OM and others]; for general ed. IB Shevchuk. Lviv: NNVK “ATB” Publishing House, 2020. 535 p.


February, 22, 1990 born in VelykiMosty, Sokal district, Lviv region

2007 graduated with honors from school-lyceum in VelykiMosty.

2012 graduated with honors from Lviv State Financial Academy, received a master’s degree in economic cybernetics

October 2012 – post-graduate student of the Lviv State Financial Academy Accounting and Auditing Department, specialty 08.00.08 – Money, Finance and Credit.

September 2015 – post-graduate course of studies at the Department of State and Local Finance of Ivan Franko Lviv National University, specialty 08.00.03 – Economics and Management of the National Economy.

November 2017 – defended candidate’s dissertation “The organizational and economic mechanism to stimulate business development of entrepreneurship in the public sector of the Ukraine economy”.

September 2012 – December 2017 – Lecturer, Lviv Brunch of Uzhhorod State University, part-time.

January 2018 – September 2019 – Associate Professor, Lviv Brunch of Uzhhorod State University.

September 2019 – present – Associate Professor, Department of Digital Economics and Business Analytics, Ivan Franko Lviv National University.


  1. Certificate of internship in an intensive training Tech Summer for Teachers conducted by an IT company SoftServe (June, 16 – July, 17 2020). The professional internship program is 30 hours (1 ECTS credit): intensive training course and preparation of a mini-project.
  2. Certificate of successful completion of the internship at Teacher’s Internship program from IТ Ukraine Association та EPAM System (July, 15 – August, 15 2020). Professional internship program 108 hours (3.6 ECTS credits): intensive training course and a series of trainings that included the following modules: Methods, models and technologies of flexible software development (35 hours), Basics of project management (25 hours), Tips to Improve Your Business English (28 hours), Soft Skills (20 hours).
  3. Certificate of scientific and pedagogical internship “Innovative educational technologies: European experience and its implementation in the specialists training in economics and management”, specialty 051 “Economics” (Riga, Latvia, 20.06.2020.-07.08.2020).

The professional internship program is 180 hours (6 ECTS credits): 20 hours – virtual tour through the official information portal of the Ministry; 60 hours – acquaintance with a spectrum of profile specialties in the field of economy and management, and a system of work of the Latvian national library; 20 hours – study of the regulatory framework governing training in the higher education system of Latvia; 40 years – preparation of scientific and methodical report abstracts on selected issues; 40 years – individual work.


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